At the age of 10, the final project of 5th grade in elementary school was to write a short story and a few students would read to the kindergarten class. As I presented my story, adding in various voices for my characters, and delivering the words with a humorous lilt, the mesmerized 5 year-olds continually laughed and shared their enjoyment. Once finished, the teacher noticed a confused look on my face and inquired as to why I was puzzled. I replied, “My story was funny, but not that funny.” She said it was not about the words I was saying, it was how I said them that peaked their imagination, making them feel like part of the story.


On many occasions throughout my life the universe attempted to send me signals that I should pursue voice acting full-time. “You should be in radio.” “I love your voice; will you record my voicemail?” and “We need help with an e-learning video, would you be our voice talent?” Throughout my corporate career, I provided voice over for training videos, voicemails, and products. Now, as a professional voice actor I get the opportunity to expand my talents.



My voice over work fuels my passion for telling stories while inspiring individuals to immerse themselves into the character's emotions.

In my spare time I enjoy the beach, traveling, reading, outdoor adventures, and spending time with family and friends over a great cup of coffee or a glass of wine.


Best known as a warm, friendly, confident voice who is educated, grounded, and driven to deliver charismatic, influential, and passionate performances!